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Outdoor Lighting Idea To Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal

Outdoor Lighting Idea To Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal
The front of your house is visitors’ first impression of your home. It’s like a handshake with a stranger. It sets the tone for what’s to come. Outdoor lighting plays a pivotal role in shaping this impression. Well-placed, stylish lighting fixtures can transform the exterior of your home, making it inviting and appealing. Table of Contents What is Curb Appeal, Anyway? ... continue reading

Brighten Your Outdoor Space With These Outdoor Gazebo Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Gazebo Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Outdoor Space
Outdoor spaces are the heart of a home during warm summer evenings and crisp fall nights. They provide a place for relaxation, entertainment, and making memories with loved ones. One key element that can significantly enhance the beauty and functionality of these spaces is outdoor lighting. The right lighting can transform your outdoor space, making it warm, inviting, and funct... continue reading

Is an Antique Street Lamp the Missing Ingredient for Your Home’s Vibe?

Table of Contents The ambiance of your home, both inside and out, can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects your personal style. One crucial aspect of this ambiance is lighting. Selecting the right lighting options not only illuminates your space but also adds character and charm. American Glow Lighting is an industry expert in lighting solutions, specializing ... continue reading

Combine Tradition and Modernity With Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

Table of Contents With its roots firmly planted in simplicity, functionality, and a deep appreciation for the past, the farmhouse style has become a beloved mainstay in homes across the country. It’s an outdoor lighting trend that whispers of a simpler time, evoking images of rolling fields, rustic textures, and the warm glow of a setting sun. But the appeal of the farm... continue reading

Creative Outdoor Wall Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Home's Aesthetic

Table of Contents When you decide to decorate, furnish or redesign the outdoor spaces of your home, you can spend an awful lot of brain power and time designing everything to your ideal aesthetic in the daytime. It’s easy to pick colors that pop and water features that sparkle in the summer sunlight. But even those sunny days only tell half the story. You need to ask yours... continue reading

Outdoor Copper Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

Outdoor lighting is more than just providing a well-lit area for your entryway or patio.

Cooper Electric Lamps on Outdoor Patio
Outdoor lighting is more than just providing a well-lit area for your entryway or patio. It can be functional so that it provides an easy way to navigate around your home, increase security, and enhance architecture. And, exterior lighting on a home can completely transform its appearance and give your home, even more, curb appeal. Finding the perfect lighting fixture is oft... continue reading

How to Heat Your Outdoor Space: Gas vs. Electric Heaters

EvenGLO outdoor portable heater sold by American Gas Lamp Works
If you, like many others, want to use your outdoor spaces throughout the fall and winter months, you may be looking into patio heater options. But with so many options, how do you know which style is the best for your space? We’ll help you break down the differences.  Gas vs. Electric Patio Heaters Natural Gas Patio Heaters  Natural Gas patio heaters are great ... continue reading

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